Repeat prescriptions

For long-term medications only:

All long-term medications need regular review regarding their efficacy, indication, interactions, and side effects.

Repeat prescriptions ideally should be done with a consultation for a medication review. If you have not been seen for 6 months or more or the medication has never been prescribed by the doctors at this practice, an appointment is needed for these prescriptions to be issued.

If no review is indicated, fit-in brief appointments are available for repeat prescriptions with your usual doctor or with another doctor depending on availability.

Antidepressants repeat prescriptions should be done at a consultation/review. If you are running out of the medication, a repeat prescription can be provided to cover you until your review appointment.

Prescriptions without consultation where appropriate may be written by your usual doctor. A request can be made through OzDocsOnline services. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for the request to be completed.





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