Cervical Cancer and Screening

Cervical Cancer

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Screening for Cervical Cancer

  • Cervical screening has changed in Australia. The Pap test has been replaced with a new Cervical Screening Test every five years. The two-yearly Pap test for people aged 18 to 69 has been changed to a five-yearly human papillomavirus (HPV) test for people aged 25 to 74. Your first Cervical Screening Test should be done at the recommended time after your last Pap test (usually two years).


Cervical Screening Tests are simple and quick. It is your best protection against cervical cancer. Our doctors take all steps to make the process as gentle as possible. Advise the doctor if have had any past bad experience.

Call 02 96886678 today and book an appointment if you are due for a Cervical Screening Test.







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