What we do

Too often preventive measures stop with screening tests such as blood tests, PAP smears and mammograms. As you can see from the previous page, preventive medicine is a lot more about education than just tests, as without the understanding and knowledge of health determinants, such as human behaviour and environmental factors, we would not know what changes to make for optimal health. While our health care system is designed more for acute medicine, we are passionate about preventive medicine and thus provide the necessary time needed to implement these measures.

Imagine optimal health as a three-legged stool,  the first leg being surgery, the second leg, pharmaceuticals and the third leg, self care, in which we learn techniques to improve our own health through nutrition, exercise and Mind Body Medicine. It’s in this third leg that preventive medicine takes place. If this third leg is strong and takes most of the weight, the other two need only be supportive. Should we not pay more attention to the third leg? Of course it is not enough to promote this in the form of advice, it is necessary to educate. We all know that the ‘do it because I say so’ command is not very effective with our kids.