50-64 Year-old Health Check

Health checks in middle-aged adults are offered opportunistically, or at 2–5-year intervals.

They include –


  • SNAP and readiness to change
  • risk of diabetes
  • depression in increased risk groups (past history, physical illness, other mental problems, etc.)
  • risk factors for osteoporosis
  • skin cancer.


  • weight, height (calculate BMI) and waist circumference
  • BP
  • fasting lipids
  • fasting blood glucose in patients at high risk of diabetes
  • urinalysis for protein.


  • Cervical screening every 5 years if has no symptoms
  • CRC screening with faecal occult blood testing (FOBT) at least every 2 years
  • mammography every 2 years
  • vaccination for dTpa. Consider influenza and pneumococcal vaccination if high risk.


  • absolute cardiovascular risk.

Please advise the reception when booking for a health check ensuring a long appointment is booked.