Physical exercise and the brain

Did you think physical exercise is all about abdominal fat? Did you know about two-thirds of your brain is  composed of fat? Did you know physical exercise can make your brain ‘fatter’? Have you heard of or read John Ratey’s book “Spark: The Rev­o­lu­tion­ary New Sci­ence of Exer­cise and The Brain”? Accord­ing to Har­vard Psy­chi­a­try Pro­fes­sor John Ratey noth­ing beats exer­cise for pro­mot­ing brain heath.

That’s right, increased aer­o­bic fit­ness  can increase the num­ber of new cells (neurons) formed in the hip­pocam­pus, a cru­cial brain structure for learn­ing and mem­ory.

Exercise regularly and you could reduce your risk of getting dementia and improve your cognitive function.

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